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Soil Test

Our Field Officer / Distributor can help you to take sample

Leaf Test

Our Field Officer / Distributor can help you to take sample

Water Test

Our Field Officer / Distributor can help you to take sample

Crop Monitoring

Independent & Timely monitoring. Accurate insect & disease identifications

Soil Testing

BSL group provides advanced soil and organic certification testing services. They offer a variety of tests designed for farms and orchards of all sizes to gauge soil nutrient levels, crucial for identifying and meeting unique plant nutrient needs.

Water Testing

BSL group provides offering a wide variety of water tests, possibly the most extensive in the region. We are using state-of-the-art technology to design test suites suitable for different situations, covering both chemical and microbiological aspects.

Leaf Testing

Should your crops display any symptoms that might suggest particular deficiencies, we have the capability to conduct plant testing in order to verify the diagnosis. In this regard, we possess a few alternatives:

Crop Monitoring

BSL Group NZ will also help you identify weeds within your field and validate pre and post-treatment measures effectively. Additionally, pinpoint waterlogged areas for mitigation, reducing detrimental impacts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Field Officer / Distributor can help you to take sample (Generally the service is free – but you have to pay Lab charges). Please contact us for further information.We are using “Hill Laboratories” for analysis of soil and plant tests. Where we do not have field officer we can send you Soil testing kit with full instructions (how to take samples). Some important steps are as under:

  • Soil and herbage analyses help pastoral farmers and their advisers choose the best fertiliser programme.
    They also highlight mineral imbalances that might be affecting the health of pasture or animals that feed on it.
  • Herbage tests of pasture complement soil tests and allow important trace nutrients like cobalt, selenium, copper and iodine to be adjusted for improved animal health. Using both herbage and soil testing will provide a better overall picture of the farm nutrient status for an improved fertiliser programme.
  • Soil analysis is a valuable tool to monitor the levels of soil nutrients available to the pasture or crop.
  • Most New Zealand pastoral soils are deficient in phosphorus, sulphur and to a lesser extent potassium and some trace elements can also be deficient.
  • Soil testing takes the guess work out of nutrient management and allows cost effective fertilizer programmes to be produced ,targeting fertilizer applications where they are most required to meet the owner’s objectives.
  • For more information: 0800 77 55 11

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